Manabu Shimada

Manabu Shimada
Manabu Shimada
ゴールドスミスロンドン大学修士課程修了(Studio Composition-電子音響作曲専攻)。ロンドン在住。

レコーディングエンジニアリングと基とする確固たるサウンドデザインでトラックメイキングからインスタレーションまで、音を媒介とした作品制作を行う傍ら、サウンドデザインユニット "phontwerp_"としても活動。
2012年からは iPad アプリケーションの開発も手掛けオーディオビジュアルアプリ「luanna」を発表、現在は初のアルバム「pieces for her」のリリースを控えている。

コンポーザーとしてはクラシックのバックグラウンドを活かした高い構成力で紡がれる情景的な楽曲を得意とする。また ピアノ、ノイズ、フィールドレコーディングを用いた緻密なオーケストレーションには定評がある。 
広告音楽、舞台音響、映像作品やプロダクトサウンドデザインまで幅広い制作経歴を持ち、特にクライアントワークではCM,デジタルサイネージなどのサウンドデザインを多く手掛けている。(BBC、Pioneer、フジサンケイグループ、富士ゼロックス、GAP etc) 2014年にはEMI UK のブラジルワ ールカップコンピュレーションアルバムに楽曲が収録されている。
インスタレーションの代表作には Light Art Biennale Austria 2010 に出品されたサウンドイ ンスタレーション "Paper Floaty Cube"がある。
現在はロンドンchirp.ioに籍を置き、iOS developer/Sound designerとしてアプリケーションのリリースを手掛けている。

Japanese Composer/Sonic artist based in London.
Born 1982 in Tokyo, Japan. He started his profession as an assistant recording engineer in Tokyo, 2002.
In 2004, he moved his hub to the UK as to concentrate on the creative works.
Along with his creative activity, he has completed Sonic Arts (BS) at Middlesex University in 2007, followed by MMus in Studio Composition at Goldsmiths University of London in 2011.
His artworks, unique installations that utilizes sounds and tracks have been strongly influenced by his skills and experience in the recording engineering.
Together with his creative activity in London, he has established his own sound design unit ‘phontwerp_’ that based in Tokyo, in 2012. In the same year phontwerp_ has released the first artwork that takes a form of an iPad application, audio-visual application ‘luanna’ . He is currently working on his music album ‘pieces of her’ for release.
As a composer, his music has often descried as being visual.
It has characteristics on the well-designed structure and fineness of the sound that derives form his musical background on the classical music. He has a good reputation on the elaborated orchestration of the sound of piano, noise as well as field recordings. His work has been spread to advertising jingles, stage sound design, image work and product sound design. His recent work has been provided as sound design to commercials and digital signages to firms such as BBC, Pioneer, Fuji Sankei Group, Fuji Xerox and GAP. His recent music composition has also been in the EMI UK Brazil World Cup compilation album in 2014.
His representative work on installation ‘Paper Floaty Cube’ has been exhibited in the Light Art Biennale Austria 2010.
Recently he has joined as a iOS developer/Sound designer and releasing applications.